Double Birthday Dinner @ Dan and Sul’s

11 November 2011, 27 N. Moore St., Manhattan

Dan and Anthony (my coworkers) wanted to plan a dinner to celebrate two birthdays – mine which had just passed (11/4) and Diane’s which is coming up in a week (11/19).  I need to start out by thanking Dan, Sul, Anthony and Jennifer for an incredible evening.  Dan and Sul were our hosts at their gorgeous new Tribeca apartment (along with Panchito and Nacho).  Ryan from New York Vintners, our preferred NYC wine store, came over with Jesse to cook the meal.  Dukie, another coworker, joined solo since his better half had other dinner plans.  Dan and Anthony provided all the wines for the meal.

Diane and I tried to come up with something useful to bring and after being told the wine was “taken care of”, we decided to go for some white truffles that are now in season:

White truffles before being added to the pasta

We started with some cured meats and manchego cheese (my favorite) with two bottles of Dom Perignon, 1998:

1998 Dom Perignon

I’m not a huge fan of champagne in general – I tend to find them too dry and biting to really enjoy but this was an incredible wine.  Bread-like flavors with an incredibly smooth start and finish – lacks the over-dryness I dislike in most champagnes.  With the first course of the meal, we had two bottles of Domaine Vocoret & Fils, Les Clos Chablis Grand Cru, 2008:

2008 Domaine Vocoeet & Fils, Les Clos Chablis Grand Cru

Perfect example of a great Chablis – a citrus/mineral-like taste and high acidity. Refreshing but also subtle with complexity.  Diane’s favorite wine of the night.

Our meal: mixed green salad with roasted figs, a miso dressing and fleur de sel (a.k.a. crack salt).  Two pasta courses were next – one had three types of mushrooms along with the shaved white truffles, the second was a lamb ragu pasta.  Our first pasta:

The main course were Brandt farm filet mignons.  They were so tender you can easily cut them with butter knives.  Taken down with two bottles of Pianpolvere Soprano Barolo Bussia Riserva, 2000.  Incredibly complex wine –  pronounced vegetal aroma, some oak and spice and an incredibly long finish.  In the Parker notes for this wine, they mention that Bruno Giacosa was once asked what the best terroirs in Barolo were.  The best one? Pianpolvere:

2000 Pianpolvere Soprano Barolo Bussia Riserva

Dessert was two birthday cakes – one for me and one for Diane (Dan noted Diane’s was a yellow cake – har har).  Along with dessert we had the wine of the night for me, a Chateau d’Yquem, 2002:

2002 Chateau d'Yquem

While I’m 100% an Italian wine guy with a strong preference to Barolos and Barbarescos, Chateau d’Yquem is the perfect wine to me.  Its incredible balance of sweetness and acidity, the smell of honey and sweet fruit, and the absolutely incredible finish – no wine can compare.  It’s made from Semillon grapes that are partially “rotting” to increase their sugar levels but somehow, that climate, terroir and winemaker produces one of the best wines I’ve ever had.

Thanks again to everyone for an incredible night.


*** 1998 Dom Perignon

*** 2008 Domaine Vocoret & Fils, Les Clos Chablis Grand Cru

*** 2000 Pianpolvere Soprano Barolo Bussia Riserva

**** 2002 Chateau d’Yquem