One of my first encounters with wine was in Pamplona, Spain during the San Fermin festival.  The whole town was decked out in white shirts and pants (with a red handkerchief for color) while people were spraying red wine from their wine sacks (botas) into their mouths.  By the end of the night my friend Rory and I were having a great time doing the same – enjoying the delicious Don Simon wine.

Since then I’ve learned a little bit more about wine, moved over to Italian reds as my drink of choice but still love the experience of drinking wine.  I’ve learned that all-white isn’t a great outfit for red wine drinking and you can consume wine with a meal instead of Coca-Cola but the general idea for me is still the same: enjoy the drink and the experiences that come with it.

I’ve decided to be a bit more formal about cataloging my wine consumption and what I’m learning along the way.  After going through over 200 bottles of wine on cellartracker this past year, I figure I owe it to myself to make this a bit more respectable … kind of like when I stopped using the bota and started using a wine glass.


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