7 January 2015 – New York Vintners, Tribeca

I recently attended a tasting at NY Vintners with some board members from the Vinous website.  We tasted through 3 flights of Barbaresco and while I took notes, it paled in comparison to the cataloging others were doing so I’ll let them explain and put my thoughts below:

Making the Case – for Barbaresco

My response on the vinous site to the posting:

Great time as always and thanks to everyone who came and contributed their wines and thoughts.  Incredible notes and photos as always Eric.

My general impressions across the flights were fairly in line with prior comments.  I wasn’t all that impressed by the ’85 flight – unlike a few experiences I’ve had with ’85 Barolos, I felt that these Barbarescos were at best ghosts of what they were earlier in their lives and barely holding on to their fruit.  As a whole they felt thin – maybe chalk that up to how the bottles were stored or differences across producers but while they were intellectually interesting, I found them lacking.

The second flight was a stunner for me – I scored every wine 94 or higher and found the ’98 Asili (95 points) and the ’98 SSR (97+ points) as the standouts.  Both are still huge wines with long finishes and incredible structure.  Both will get better.

The third flight to me was dominated by the ’01 Rabaja Riserva – one of the best Barbarescos I’ve ever tasted and I gave it 99+ points.  Powerful dark, ripe fruit with cedar wood/cigar box and subtle flavor changes throughout each sip.  Other than the Pora that was corked, the other wines showed well and I found the ’01 Asili (96 points )to be a step ahead of the others.

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