Dinner in the Hamptons

29 June 2012, 57 Old Trail Road, Water Mill

Eugene was visiting from Hong Kong and we spent a week relaxing in the Hamptons. The first weekend there, we decided to cook dinner for everyone who would be arriving later that night. The main meat course was lamb chops in a mint and cumin rub with a yogurt dipping sauce. To accompany, I opened two bottles of one of my favorites, the entry level Barolo from Bruno Giacosa:

1999 Bruno Giacosa Barolo

This bottle is from estate grapes (Azienda Agricola) but not a single vineyard bottling. Decanted for six hours, it had the standard light red color of Nebbiolo and intense aromatics. Spice, sweetness and earthiness – you can smell the bottle age. Sweet red fruit and light mouth feel – stood up to the spice of the lamb but didn’t feel heavy at all.

After dessert, we opened a bottle of one of my favorite sweet wines from Alsace:

1989 Albert Boxler & Fils Gewurztraminer Selection de Grains Nobles

Delicious and light for a dessert wine of this sweetness. Nice acidity to balance the sugar – honeysuckle, sweet citrus and peaches. A great sweet wine and only lacking in it’s complexity throughout the palate.

*** 1999 Bruno Giacosa Barolo, $95

*** 1989 Albert Boxler & Fils Gewurztraminer Selection de Grains Nobles, $170


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