Lenz – Old Vines

5 January 2012, 100 Jane Street, Manhattan

This past summer, I was introduced to a vineyard in Long Island’s North Fork – Lenz. I was skeptical as I had several “good” Long Island wines before and although there were plenty of mediocre wines, none of them were wines that I thought were particularly interesting.

Lenz grows several varietals including Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Chardonnay and their top level production is bottled under the “Old Vines” label. Nard, Diane and I opened up the 2002 Lenz Old Vines Merlot and it was delicious. Made from 30 year old vines it was a classic Merlot with dark fruit, great balance and a long finish. Highly recommend it and it’s definitely worth visiting the vineyard to do a tasting:

2002 Lenz Old Vines Merlot

*** 2002 Lenz Old Vines Merlot, $55


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